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Death & Dying 

As a nation, we do not talk much about death; it can be awkward and quickly dropped when the subject arises. Talking to a therapist about dying or a loved one that has passed can reduce stresses and normalize feelings of doubt. Talking with a therapist, the focus is on you; here, you can reveal issues with the knowledge everything is confidential and free of judgement. If a person is dying, a specialist bereavement counsellor can offer a non-medical rest bite so that family members can destress for a while. 


Confidentiality is the core of therapy. 

£75 per hour 

Mark 45 

When my father died so did my world, I needed help quick. There was a listening charity  but with a waiting time of over 3 months .

Steve saw me within 2 hours of contacting him.


I had what turned out to be a panic attack in Taunton a week after mum died. Steve spoke to me on the phone until I got to his room, the most caring man.

Jim 81

Marry died suddenly and I had nobody, G.P was useless and  bereavement charities waiting lists 3-4 months. Steve saw me straight away , life is hard but bearable now. 

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