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Therapy Environment 

Safe-Space-Taunton is set in the exchange house on the crescent; it is predominately a law firm building where security is taken seriously. Our / Psychotherapist/counselling therapeutic room is safe and enclosed, providing a quite therapeutic environment. A receptionist allows entry, and if you are a little early, there is a luxurious waiting room that you can use. Except for the two small steps on the entrance, it is perfect for disabled access with a short distance to our room via lift and wide corridor with access to toilets. 

Therapy entrance

Here is the corner of our therapy room 

I take a Covid self-test daily and wipe down surfaces between clients antibacterial gel used by everybody who enters. Face coverings are optional, and I will gladly adhere to your wishes if you would like me to wear a face covering. The Office is newly painted and carpeted and only just opened up now lockdown restrictions lifted.

Chilled filtered water and freshly brewed coffee are free of charge. 

Private waiting room
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